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Mrs Metcalf and Mrs Golding

Our Superhero topic has been Super!

The children have really enjoyed our Superhero topic. 

In English we have been reading the Supertato books, as well as designing our own Super Veg and writing our own stories! 

In Maths we have done a lot of work on numbers 0 to 20 as well as one more and less. We are moving onto Number Bonds now. 

In Topic and Science, we have learnt about Super Bodies inside and out as well as Super Food! Last week we made Vegetable Soup. 

A creative class.

A creative class.  1 Maths resources used to create an imaginary world.
A creative class.  2 A puppet show.
A creative class.  3 It got a bit scary!

We loved the Library Bus!

We loved the Library Bus!  1 The Library bus is getting repaired.
We loved the Library Bus!  2 So Gordon read us a super story in the hall.
We loved the Library Bus!  3 We loved ‘Three Silly Chickens’.
We loved the Library Bus!  4 It was very funny!

Super Sunbeams!

Super Sunbeams!  1 Nellie cam to join us for Sunbeams.
Super Sunbeams!  2 We make a circle to sing in.
Super Sunbeams!  3 Keith plays the ‘Hello’ song.
Super Sunbeams!  4 We listened to Eliza sing a beautiful song.
Super Sunbeams!  5 Robyn signed the song.