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Sporting Event Updates

Long Marton Cup

KS1 Cross Country at Hunter Hall April 2019

KS2 Cross Country Hunter Hall

Gymnastics First round at KSGS March 2019

House Swimming Gala February 2019


Congratulations to all the children who took part in our Gala today, the staff were very impressed by the attitude and determination of everyone! It was so successful, we hope that we can run a whole school Gala next year. 


The scores red were very close, but it was Elm team who won today! They receive a House Swimming trophy as well as a special gift due to arrive next week. Well done everyone 🏊🏼‍♂️🏊🏽‍♀️🏆

Appleby Swimming Gala January 2019


Congratulations to all the children that took part. 

There is a link to the results for Appleby, as well as a combined results page from the Penrith results aswell. 

Congratulations to the Y5 and 6 Tri Golf team, who were placed 2nd overall in Eden! 

The Y3 and 4 team also did well, coming 3rd against some good teams. 

There was some excellent golf, and we are hoping to visit the Golf Club in Appleby in 2019!


Tri Golf competition at Appleby Grammar School November 2018

KS2 Cross Country at Hunter Hall 20th April 2018


A huge well done to all the children who were chosen for this event. The course was hilly and tough, as well as each race having at least 130 runners in!



Y3/4 Girls Team

Tabitha 9th

Scarlett Br 31st

Hannah 40th

Tallulah 50th


Y3/4 Boys Team

Lewis 12th

Hugo 36th

Corey 41st

Max 44th


Y5/6 Girls Team

Summer 103rd

Eleanor 105th

Scarlett Be 119th

Jessica 121st


Y5/6 Boys Team

Charlie 1st

Joe 22nd

Oliver 57th

Levi 89th 







KS2 Cross Country 20/4/18

Key Steps Cumbria Games Final at Penrith Leisure Centre March 2018


Our Year 3/4 team consisting of Tabitha, Hannah, Tallulah, Scarlett, Arianna and Corey all tried their very best against the best teams in Cumbria. Representing Eden, they all did a Floor Routine, a Body Management Routine and the Vault. We were thrilled to come 4th overall! 

Gymnastics Final March 2018

Gymnastics Final March 2018 1
Gymnastics Final March 2018 2
Gymnastics Final March 2018 3
Gymnastics Final March 2018 4
Gymnastics Final March 2018 5
Gymnastics Final March 2018 6

Karate Taster Sessions with Mark Holding - Great Fun!!

Quicksticks Competition at KSGS


Well done to all the children who competed, you received some lovely compliments from teachers and parents who were watching. 

Well done to the Purple Team who are through to the Eden Final!

Warcop Gymnastics Festival

Friday 2nd February 2018

What a great day we have had! I am so proud of each and everyone of you for trying your best. Congratulations! 

Enjoy the photos smiley

Gymnastics Festival 2018 R, Y1 and Y2

Gymnastics Festival Presentation photos

Appleby Swimming Gala Results Friday 18th January 2018

Basic Moves Festival 2017

A fantastic day for the Year 1 children who took part in the Basic Moves Festival at KSGS. Every child took part in 9 challenging activities to help develop skill, stamina and co-ordination. Well done to you all!

Long Marton Football and Netball Tournament



Well done to the Football and Netball teams who won the Long Marton Sheild! It was a hard fought competition, especially for the footballers who won 1-0 in extra time over a well organised Long Marton team. The Netballers however made quick work to beat Long Marton 5-0 in the final, having won their previous two games convincingly. 


Well done to all who play so magnificently! The children were a real credit to the school.


Netball team - Esther, Darcy, Keira-Lee, Sarah, Mira, Johanna, Karina and Sarah-Jean

Football team - Charlie, Oliver, Liam, Cameron, Joe, Robin, Finn, Dante and Jake




Quicksticks Hockey 

Well done to the Y3 and Y4 Hockey Teams who went to the Quicksticks Hockey event at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School. It was a wet and windy afternoon but both teams performed admirably. A special well done to the Y4 team who have made it to the finals on the 23rd March - we'll have to get practicing! Well done everyone!


Group 1
1st Bolton Green
2nd Warcop
3rd Kirkby Thore
4th Appleby
Group 2
1st Long Marton
2nd Bolton
3rd Kirkby Stephen Green
4th Warcop Purple


Eden Area Final

Unfortunately in the final we didn't make it to the School Games, but a massive congratulations to the Y4 team who made it this far. Well done also to Kirkby Stephen and North Lakes who will be representing Eden at the School Games! Good Luck! 

Picture 1

Hunter Hall Cross Country

A massive well done to all those who took part in a gruelling cross country run at Frenchfields, Penrith. As well as taking part as individuals all the children were in running in teams. There was a 3/4 boys and girls race and 5/6 boys and girls race. A special mention to Charlie and Mira who came second and third respectively. We gave one our special "Endurance" value awards to the whole team! Well done everyone!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Swimming Gala Results

Swimming gala - Appleby Leisure Centre


A selection of children in KS2 were taken to the swimming gala on Friday the 20th January. We had a brilliant morning of swimming along with several other local schools at the leisure centre. Our team competed in several events including: butterfly, front crawl, back stroke and relays. All of the children involved performed with great enthusiasm and cheered on from the side lines when their team mates were competing. A big thank you is needed for Corey Tallentire who stepped up last minute when one of the team couldn't make it. Well done to all involved!

Area Sports

We took 30 children to compete in Area Sports at Appleby Grammar School. A massive well done to all the children who were sensible and kept focus for competing on what was a long afternoon! Below is a list of the children, what they competed in and where they came overall. Those in bold made it through the heats and this is there position in the final. 


Mira, 400m - 2nd; Dominic, 400m - 6th; Amelia, throwing - TBC; Sarah D, high jump - TBC; Max, 50m - 5th in heat; Tabitha, 50m - 1st; Lewis, 50m - 3rd, Tallulah, 50m - 6th; Levi, Lily, Charlotte E and Theo, 60m junior relay - 8th in heat; Finn, Darcy, Evie and Jay, 80m junior relay - 6th in heat; Joe, throwing - TBC; Robin, high jump - TBC; Scarlett, 60m - 5th in heat; Summer, 60m - 5th in heat; Jessica, 60m Skipping - 8th in heat; Johanna, 80m - 4th; Lily, 80m - 8th in heat; Vincent, hurdles - 4th in heat; Cliona, hurdles - 3rd; Charlie, 60m - 3rd; Jake, 60m - 5th in heat; Oliver, 60m Skipping - 1st; Cameron, 80m - 7th; and Oscar, 80m - 5th in heat.  


Well done to all those who took part!

King Meaburn Cup 2016


Congratulations to the football team who successfully defended their Kings Meaburn Cup win on Thursday night. The team played brilliantly, proudly playing for the badge which sits on their chests. They were in inspired form, passing the ball, playing one twos, getting around the back of the defence, putting crosses and scoring plenty of goals. 


They won the first match against Crosby, 7-0. Which gave them confidence for the second group match a potentially difficult clash against the winners of the Long Marton Shield, Asby. However with a fine defensive display and wonderful flowing counter attack football Warcop cam out on top winning 3-0. 


In the final the team produced a confident and dominate display beating Long Marton 4-0. Former star defender Samuel Laidlow played brilliantly for the Long Marton team. However Warcop's attack just over ran the Long Marton defence, including a bicycle kick goal scored by Cameron. Well done to Oscar who was picked as player of the tournament by the organisers.


Well done to the whole team who played, a desered victory! The team were; Dominic (C), Oscar (C), Liam, Cameron, Robin, Finley, Oliver and Jake.

Pupils from Year 2 attended the KS1 Multi-Sports Festival at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, they had a great time facing lots of different sporting challenges. They played against each other and because there were so many different challenges it meant lots of different children won them. Corey, Lewis, Lacey, Charlotte, Arianna, Edison, Tallulah, Matthew, James and Toby attended the event, the results are below.


  Gold Silver Bronze
Sack Race Corey (Everyone Else) ---
Bean Bag Throw Lewis Lacey

Charlotte S










Bat and Ball Race





Toby Arianna
Target Throw Corey Charlotte Lewis
Roly Poly Running Race Lewis Corey



Hockey Shot











Jigsaw Challenge













KS1 Rugby Festival

It was great to be able to take the year 2's to Upper Eden RFC to take part in a fun afternoon. The children learnt lots of skills and played some games. The festival lasted all afternoon and the children enjoyed themselves.

Long Marton Shield 2016

The annual Long Marton Shield Competition ultimately ended in disappointment for both Netball and Football teams. However this was not for lack of effort. 


Both teams put up valiant battles against tough opposition from other schools. The Netball team, made up of Year 5's and 6's lost their first game heavily to a strong Temple Sowerby team. But they came back mightily in their second game to win a close battle with Bolton.


The football team played 3 competitive matches, coming from behind to draw 1-1 with Brough. Beating Kirkby Thore was essential, however we got caught on the counter attack and lost 1-0. Which all meant our last match against Asby was a dead rubber, the lads played well and drew 0-0. Asby went on to win the tournament, well done to them.


All the children who took part gave their very best and represented the Warcop shirt with proud. Well done to all of you, we'll work even harder to win next year!


Yr 3/4 Mini Tennis

On Thursday the 19th May Warcop entered three teams, of mixed year 3 and 4 children, into the Mini tennis competition at Penrith tennis courts. We had a brilliant morning of tennis, all the children were enthusiastic and gave it their all! 


Team 1: Jacob, Levi, Sophia and Lily

Team 2: Theo, Oscar, Summer and Scarlett Bell

Team 3: Rory, Alfie, Emily and Jessica 


Team 1 finished 4th and Team 2 and 3 came fifth out of their group. Well done to all the children involved! 

The sun was shining brightly on the pitches at Fairfields today for the Tag Rugby tournament. We took two teams; 10 Years 5s entered the 5/6 tournament and 7 Year 4s entered the 3/4 festival. We were all very enthusiastic and eager to play! There were a lot of schools there and the competition was tough but Warcop went into each match feeling optimistic and showing great sportsmanship towards the other teams. Oliver, Jake and Levi put their rugby practise to good use, they made a fantastic contribution to the team and it was clear they were very passionate about the game. 

Cameron, Liam A and Mira impressed with their agility and speed, Liam A tried out the spinning technique which worked a treat against the other team! Each member of the team tried their best and had fun, well done everyone! 




Year 5 team -

Won 1

Lost 3 


Year 4 team -

Won 3 

Drew 1 

Picture 1

Class 4 had a great time at Kwik Cricket on the 04/02/16, we joined 3 other local schools at Kirkby Steven. It was clear straight away that the other schools had had a good amount of practise and coaching but Warcop gave it their all and everyone enjoyed themselves! Emily  and Vincent displayed an excellent natural ability for bowling and were both extremely enthusiastic team players. The fielders had a tough job on their hands, as the other teams had some powerful batters, Dominic and Evie made a great pair in the field and impressed with several stops and catches.


Well done to everyone who took part!



Warcop vs Appleby: 220 - 310 

Warcop vs Long Marton: 284 - 236

Warcop vs Kirkby Steven: 191 - 294 


Warcop 4th

Appleby 3rd

Long Marton 2nd 

Kirkby Steven 1st 

KS2 Tri-golf competition

On Thursday 21st January, twenty children from Class 3 joined five other local schools at the Tri-golf competition at Kirby Stephen Grammar School. We had a fantastic morning at the event, there was 8 different stations which put the children's putting and chipping skills to the test! Liam L and Lily stood out for their precision when aiming. Jessica, Liam A and Summer shone in the chipping skills games. The children even impressed with their manners which was commented on by the organisers of the event. Well done to all the team! 

Eden Valley Swimming Festival

Well done to everyone who took part in the Swimming Festival at Appleby Swimming Pool. The team was, Dominic, Sarah F, Cliona, Amelia, William, Toby, Charlie, Eleanor, Cameron, Lily, Sarah D, Mira, Thomas and Summer.


There were some stand out performances from Dominic (coming 1st in both his individual events), Sarah F and Mira (who both claimed a 3rd place). Well done also to the relay teams, one of whom picked up 3rd place.


Well done to everyone who took part. Your results are in the PDF document below. I've tried to highlight you all, sorry if I missed yours out!

KS2 Edenhall Athletics 



On the 26th of November, a group of 12 year 5&6 children attended the athletics competition at Appleby Grammar School. We had a great time there, each member of the team supported one another and displayed a great sense of sportsmanship! Each child took part in 2 track and 2 field events, these included: relay, long jump, chest pass and the javelin throw. Overall, we came 5th out of the 8 local schools which attended.

Basic Moves Kirkby Stephen



10 children from Year 1 and Year 2 had a super afternoon in Kirkby Stephen attempting some extremely difficult sporting challenges. They tested their speed, agility, accuracy and distance throwing. All competed really well and came home with a chest full of stickers! Their scores are below!



Agility Run

Bean Bag Throw




Egg and Spoon

Long Jump



James 9 25 8 13 1 4 8 2 70
Corey 9 20 5 20 3 4 10 2 73
Rohan 8 10 8 25 2 4 10 2 69
Tiana 7 5 6 15 3 2 8 0 46
Lois 6 20 8 15 2 4 6 1 62
Tilda 6 15 7 9 1 1 10 0 49
Tabitha 8 20 8 20 2 3 10 0 71
Chloe 7 0 7 15 1 2 10 1 43
Xavi 7 15 5 20 1 3 8 0 59
Arthur 7 20 1 15 0 3 10 1 57


EVSP Football and Netball Tournament

The 2015/16 season started in tough fashion for the Warcop football and netball teams. It turned out to be a long afternoon, as hopes of doing well in the tournament quickly faded. But the hard lessons learnt will stand the players in good stead for the end of the year tournaments.


The football team are going through what Brendan Rodgers would call a "transition period" loosing many first team players from last years year 6. However the year 4 and 5's who stepped up played some outstanding football and showed great character. With a little more work on the training pitch, some of the errors made will hopefully be smoothed out.


Both Netball teams played strongly, but just didn't have the fire power to overcome some of the other schools. Despite some great play from Cliona, Evie and Finley on one team and Johanna, Mira and Sarah-Jean on the other, the other schools had just the extra luck then needed.


The teams were as followed:

Football: Dominic, Oscar, Cameron, Liam A, Levi, Oliver, Toby, Jake, Vincent and Robin.

Warcop Thunder: Cliona, Evie B, Finley, Laina, Thomas, Sarah F,  Lily and Darcy.

Warcop Netball: Rhiannon, Mira, Sarah-Jean, Esther, Sarah D, Johanna, Amelia, William and Liam L.



Football: Warcop 1 - 4 Tebay, Asby 0 v 2 Warcop, Warcop 1 v 2 Kirkby Stephen FC, Warcop 0 v 6 Brough and Kirkby Stephen United 3 v 0 Warcop.

Warcop Thunder: Beat, Asby, Brough and Warcop Netball. Drew with Kirkby Stephen Yellow and Lost to Kirkby Stephen Blue and Tebay.

Warcop Netball: Kirkby Stephen Blue 6 - 1 Warcop, Warcop 2 - 3 Tebay, Warcop Thunder 1 - 0 Warcop, Warcop 1 - 1 Asby, Kirkby Stephen Yellow 6 - 0 Warcop and Brough 0 - 0 Warcop.


Sports Day 2015

Well done to everyone in the school who took part in Sports Day, organised by the Year 5's. We took part in lots of races and a great time was had by all, including Mums and Dads who took part in the adults race. The results are as best we could record them in the file below, photos will follow later!

Kings Meaburn Cup


In our final football tournament of the year, the football team delivered the goods beating Long Marton (who they'd lost to only 4 days before in a final) 1-0. They all played brilliantly and completely deserved to win. Well Played Boys - a great way to finish off a great season!

The Warcop Shield Tournament


It was fantastic night of football and netball as many schools came and participated in our annual tournament. There was high quality sport by the bucketful and plenty of drama and tension. Well done to all those who took part, everyone was a real credit to their own school. Thank you to everyone who helped put on the event and a special well done to Long Marton School for winning the football and to our own girls who won the netball. Results are below.



Teams W L D Points
Warcop Yellow 5 0 0 15
Long Marton 3 1 1 12
Morland 2 1 2 10
Brough 1 3 1 10
Asby 0 2 3 7
Warcop Green 0 1 4 6



Group A - Warcop Green 4 v 0 Morland, Crosby 1 v 1 Long Marton, Morland 0 v 2 Long Marton, Warcop Green 3 v 0 Crosby, Long Marton 0 v 1 Warcop Green, Crosby 0 v 1 Morland.

Group B - Warcop Yellow 0 v 3 Brough, Brough 2 v 0 Asby, Warcop Yellow 1 v 0 Asby


Quarter Finals

Crosby 0 v 4 Brough

Morland 0 v 1 Warcop Yellow

Long Marton 1 v 0 Asby



Brough 0 v 1 Warcop Green

Warcop Yellow 2 v 2 Long Marton (aet)

Long Marton won 2-1 on Penalties 


3rd Place Play-Off

Warcop Yellow 0 v 2 Brough



Warcop Green 1 v 2 Long Marton (aet)

Year 3 and 4 Football and Netball Festival

We are proud to say that everyone in class 3 took part in the football and netball festival held at school. They all played well and gave 100% effort - even though the results didn't quite go their way. We had a brilliant afternoon in the sunshine competing against all the other schools. The year 5 and 6 volunteers did a brilliant job of officiating the tournament. A special thanks to the teachers and parents who supported the children as well as Tom Penny and Helen Paul who supported the referees. Well done everyone!


Results - Football

Pitch A

Warcop Yellow 2 v 6 Warcop Green

Brough 2 v 1 Long Marton

Morland 2 v 3 Warcop Green

Morland 1 v 3 Long Marton

Warcop Green 4 v 3 Long Marton 


Pitch B

Brough 0 v 2 Morland

Warcop Yellow 1 v 7 Morland

Long Marton 0 v 0 Warcop Yellow

Warcop Green 0 v 2 Brough

Brough 4 v 2 Warcop Yellow



Brough and Warcop Green - 10 points 

Morland - 8 points

Long Marton - 7 points

Warcop Yellow - 5 points


Results - Netball

Warcop Yellow 1 v 0 Warcop Green

Brough 0 v 1 Warcop Yellow

Warcop Green 0 v 4 Morland

Warcop Yellow 2 v 3 Morland

Brough 0 v 5 Morland

Warcop Green 2 v 0 Brough



Morland - 9 points

Warcop Yellow - 7 points

Warcop Green - 5 points

Brough - 3 points

Year 3/4 Mini Tennis Competition

Well done to the 3/4s who took part, here are some photos from the tournament in Penrith.


Key Stage 2 Sports Hall Athletics




We had a great time at Sports Hall Athletics, which is a fun competition but also quite physically challenging, starting with a tough obstacle course, running races as well as traditional field events.


We all enjoyed ourselves even if we did finish last! We had some great 3rd place finishes in the running and we think Cameron finished first in the chest push.


Well done to everyone who took part!



Cumbria County Tag-Rugby Finals




On Wednesday we travelled all the way to Cockermouth Rugby Club for the County Final of Tag-Rugby. Teams from as far away as Barrow, Carlisle and Workington were represented at the finals. Although we improved every game we didn't manage to get that all important win, having drawn 1 and lost 4 very tough matches. The competition was at a high level and having not put much practice in we felt privilege to be at the tournament in the first place.


With Mr Coleclough offering mini-chedars to anyone who scored tries competition for the top try scorer was fierce but Shannah just pipped Diarmid 8 - 7.


Well played everyone!

Long Marton Football and Netball Shield 




A massive congratulation to our fantastic football and netball teams who played at Long Marton on Monday evening. It was a long night with some tough games, but eventually both teams cam out on top and took home the spoils. Well played!


The Netaball team beat Kirkby Thore in the final 2 - 1, having won their previous games comfortably.


The Football team beat Long Marton in the final 2 - 1, after a tense period of extra time. They had beat Morland and Kirby Thore and drawn with Brough on the way to the final. 


A brilliant effort by all the children who took part! A special well done to Louis who picked up the award for player of the tournament!

Eden Finals for Football and Netball                   


Congratulations to the football team who won 6 and drew 1 game at the Eden District Football finals. The team didn't conceed a goal throughout the whole afternoon. A great achievement. The first Warcop team for a long time to win the district final. The final table is below.

1st Warcop
2nd Brough
3rd Stainton
4th Beaconside
5th North Lakes
6th Calthwaite
7th Long Marton
8th Asby


The netball team came up against some stiff opposition and tried their best at the finals. Unfortunately they fell just short and didn't quite make it to the Cumbria Games. A fantastic team effort by all. Well played. The final table is below.

1st Skelton
=2nd Kirkoswald & Warcop
4th Kirkby Stephen
5th Calthwaite
6th North Lakes
7th Temple Sowerby
8th Kirkby Thore


Hunter Hall Cross Country Running

Well done to the Year 1's and 2's who competed in the race - the Y1 race had 85 entrants, while the Y2 race had 125! All the children finished in the top 25 with Charlie winning his race - a great achievement. 

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament


Well done to Holly, Diarmid, Cameron, Anna, Shannah, Laina, Vincent, Sonny, Jonathan and Flyn who took part in the Tag Rugby Tournament in Penrith. They were all superb making great tags and scoring even better tries! We came second overall so that means we progress onto the County Finals at Cockermouth in May. Well done team!


Group Stage:

Lazonby 3 v 8 Warcop

Warcop 8 v 4 Orton

Asby 1 v 10 Warcop

Clifton 3 v 5 Warcop


Warcop 7 v 5 Long Marton


Tebay 5 v 3 Warcop


Yr 3/4 Quicksticks Event at KSGS

The Quicksticks Hockey Team showed great endurance and enthusiasm on what turned out to be a tough afternoon. Although the results weren't going their way, spirits were high and they played as a team throughout. Notable performances came from Cameron, on the purple team, and from Jake and Esther on the green team. However with such a high level of teamwork it is hard to pick out individuals. 


Purple Team and Results

The Team - Katie, Summer, Sarah, Liam A, Oliver and Cameron.

Match 1 - Bolton Green 7 v 0 Warcop Purple

Match 2 - Kirkby Stephen Blue 12 v 1 Warcop Purple

Match 3 - Orton 2 v 2 Warcop Purple

Match 4 - Kirkby Stephen Yellow 3 v 1 Warcop Purple 

Green Team and Results

The Team - Jessica, Levi, Johanna, Jake, Liam L and Esther.

Match 1 - Bolton White 4 v 3 Warcop Green

Match 2 - Kirkby Stephen Green 3 v 1 Warcop Green

Match 3 - Tebay 10 v 0 Warcop Green

Match 4 - Long Marton Red 5 v 0 Warcop Green


The Table

1 2 3
1st Crosby Ravensworth
2nd Appleby
3rd Temple Sowerby
4th Kirkby Stephen Red
5th Long Marton White
1st Kirkby Stephen Blue
2nd Kirkby Stephen Yellow
3rd Bolton Green
=4th Orton & Warcop
1st Long Marton Red
2nd Tebay
3rd Kirkby Stephen Green
4th Bolton White
5th Warcop Green


Key Steps Gymnastics 22nd January 2015

Key Step 3 Team came 3rd.

Key Step 2 Team came 2nd...

and Key Step 1 Team won! So they made it through to the finals... reports to follow soon!

The children all performed their very best routines and were a credit to the school!

The successful Gymnastics Teams: Step 1, 2 and 3.

The successful Gymnastics Teams: Step 1, 2 and 3. 1

Appleby Swimming Gala


Well done to all who took part in the Swimming Gala. It was a tough event and a long morning but you all did the school proud.


The Team

Year 6 - Holly, Shannah, Anna, Molly, James, Louis, Sonny, Flyn, Emma, Rory A, Missie, Evie A, Jonathan, Eleanor and Emma.

Year 5 - Dominic, Cliona, Lily, Thomas, Samuel, Evie B and Sarah F.

Year 4 - Cameron, Sarah D and Johanna.


Selected Results

50m Freestyle - Dominic (2), Holly (5) and Shannah (10) all secured top 10 finishes.

25m Freestyle - Cameron came 4th.

50m Breaststroke - Jonathan came 2nd, Anna (4) and Sarah F (8) secured top 10.

50m Backstroke - Dominic won the event and Jonathan took the bronze.

25m Backstroke - Cameron won the event.

50m Butterfly - Holly (5), Cliona (10) and Lily (12)

KS2 Freestyle Relay - Unfortunately Team 2 (11) were just outside the top 10 and Team 1 (23)

KS2 Medley - Both teams secured top 10 finishes, Team 1 (5) and Team 2 (6)


Well done to everyone who took part, download the file below to discover all the results and times. I've highlighted our school in green, sorry if I've missed you out!

Mr Coleclough


A year 3/4 and a year 5/6 team attended the tri-golf tournament in Kirkby Stephen. Here are the results!


Year 5/6 Team:

Oscar, Dominic, Samuel, Lily, Cliona, Rhiannon, Vincent, Thomas, Evie B, and Amelia.

Year 5/6:
1st Kirkby Stephen 4  1474 points
2nd Kirkby Stephen 3  1335 points
3rd Shap  1256 points
4th Tebay  1205 points
5th Temple Sowerby 1161 points
6th Skelton 1157.5 points
7th Warcop 984 points
8th Calthwaite 825 points


Year 3/4 Team:

Liam A, Liam L, Finn, Johanna, Darcy, Sarah, Nellie-Mai, Cameron, Esther, Robin, Sarah - Jean and William.
Year 3/4:
1st Kirkby Stephen 1 1051 points
2nd Tebay 1 1042 points
3rd Tebay 2 985 points
4th Warcop 822 points
5th Skelton 703.5 points
6th Shap 701 points
7th Kirkby Stephen 2  621.5 points


Unfortunately only the top two teams progress to the next round of the event. Well done all who took part.

Year 5/6 Sportshall Atheletics

Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics

On the 27th November 12 year 5/6 traveled to Appleby Sports Centre to compete in Sportshall Athletics. Even though the result didn't go our way, a great time was had by all and Mr Coleclough and Mrs Marsden were proud of how the team performed.


The team was made up of 6 girls, Evie A, Evie B, Melissa, Sasha, Emily and Rhiannon, as well as 6 boys Vincent, Thomas, Diarmid, James, Rory A and Sonny. All the children took part in 2 track events and 2 field events. Including an obstacle race, lap relays, chest push, long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, javelin and speed bounce.


Although the team finished last, every put in 110% effort and tried there best! We had a great morning and look forward to competing again soon.


Here are the Final Results for the day:

1st Beaconside 572 points
2nd Yanwath 534 points
3rd Calthwaite 482 points
4th North Lakes 464 points
5th Kirkby Stephen 418 points
6th Shap 392 points
7th Skelton 364 points
8th = Langwathby & Clifton 332 points
10th Penruddock 328 points
11th Crosby Ravensworth 286 points
12th Temple Sowerby 278 points
13th Appleby 264 points
14th Stainton 232 points
15th Warcop 230 points


Kirkby Stephen Cluster Year 5/6 Football and Netball 

Top two team progress to the next round.


Our first match was against Tebay which was a hardly fought match but one goal helped us on our way (Louis).  After the close call with Tebay we played Orton but with pure class we beat them 6-0.


Kirkby Stephen Blues were next, our old nemesis, after losing to them last year, however it wasn’t the same this year the game was swinging in our favour, but with loads of missed chances from us the game stayed equal.


Brough were next. After coming up with three good results this was where it went downhill. The game was equally matched until Brough hit on the break and scored. They tightened their defence and Warcop were unable to break through. The game ended 1-0. wink


Not to be disillusioned we won the next game by three goals to nil against Kirkby Stephen Reds.  Jonathan scoring the goal of the match.


Now on a roll, Kirkby Stephen Yellows were no match 4-0 with Rory scoring a hat trick.

Now all we had to do was wait. Had we done enough to get through? Time seemed to stand still. A roar erupted, we had done it!! frown


Written by James White

Netball at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School


On the 16th of October 7 pupils from the years 5 and 6 from Warcop Primary School were chosen to be the team for the Kirkby Stephen netball competition, the team was made up of Anna, Shannah, Eleanor, Molly, Diarmid, Dominic and Holly.


They did extremely well, winning with 46 goals all together.


Here are the results from each game

Tebay 0 vs 7 Warcop

Orten 0 vs 10 Warcop

Kirkby Stephen Blue 3 vs 4 Warcop

Brough 0 vs 12 Warcop

Kirkby Stephen Red 0 vs 6 Warcop

Kirkby Stephen Yellow 0 vs 7 Warcop


Well done to everyone on the netball team you did extremely well!


Written by Anna Bartie