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Sports Funding

Sports Funding 2017/2018

Allocation of Money

Warcop C of E Primary School for the year 2017-2018 shall receive £16000 plus £10 per pupil from the government for sports premium grant, totalling £16,740.


We shall receive our first allocation in September 2017 (£9765) and the second allocation in April 2018 (£6975).


Evaluation of 2016/2017 Spending and Aims for spending in 2017/2018

For the financial year 2016/2017 Warcop C of E Primary School received £8380 from the sports premium grant.



Key Priorities

Key Achievements in 2016-2017

Key Learning from 2016-2017

Aims for 2017-2018

Sporting Competitions


2016/2017 Cost



2017/18 Allocation



· 100% of children eligible attended a sporting competition

· 100% of KS2 children attended a sporting competition

· 42% of KS2 children attended 1 or more sporting competitions

· 100% of KS1 children eligible attended a sporting competition

· 27% of KS1 Children eligible attended more than 1 sporting competition

· Transport Costs to events, regularly halved with another school.

· 2013/2014 – 91% of children said they had took part in a sports team

· 2014/2015 – 93% of children had took part in a sports team

· 15/16 – 100% of KS2 children has taken part in a sports team.

· 16/17 – 100% of KS1 and 2 children took part in a sporting event.



For 100% of KS2 children to attend 2 or more sporting events.

For 100% of KS1 children to attend 1 or more sporting events.

For 50% of KS1 children to attend more than 1 sporting event.

To continue to share transport costs with another school so that the sports funding budget is not spent as much on transporting children to events, rather than impacting their sporting attainment.

Professional Coaching Received via Eden Valley Sports Partnership

And other coaches outside the EVSP


2016/17 Cost


2017/18 Allocation


· Balance Bikes KS1

· Bikeability KS2

· Kwik Cricket – Y6

· Newcastle Falcons Rugby and Maths

· La Crosse with Mike Orme

· Dance KS1

· Tennis KS2

· Great coaching, good for staff to see how to coach these sports as a specialist.

· Great to have variety in La Crosse, a sport children had never heard of and attend a competition.





A different variety of sports to broaden understanding and horizon.

Football coaching

MokyFit Dance

Extra swimming to prepare for Gala’s

Table Tennis

Footie Golf

Squash/Racket ball

Swimming and Water Safety







· 100% of children attended Swimming Lesson at Appleby Swimming Pool

· They are all working towards swimming competently, confidently and proficiently over varying distances up to 25m.

· They are thought to use a range of stroke effectively.

· Those recognised as more confident swimmers are taught to perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations

· Children love going swimming and it is great to take every single child. Not only learning swimming skills but many independent life skills.






-To continue to provide excellent opportunities for children who are learning to swim.

-To provide safe rescue, medical and sporting injuries training to children so that they know what to do in emergency situations.

· -For competent children to have the opportunity to compete in a gala.

School Trip


2016/17 Cost



2017/18 Allocation


· We didn’t have a whole school sporting trip this year.

· Y5/6 children had the opportunity to go to Patterdale Hall.


Energi Trampoline Park – KS1


Footie Golf – KS2

Staff CPD and Training


2016/17 Cost



2017/18 Allocation




-To offer a PE course or training to key staff from KS1 and KS2 to help lead and develop sporting implementation across the school.

-Staff Meeting on PE to be held to remind staff of the basics, and new ideas, for PE lessons and coaching.

Warcop Cup

An ‘in house’ sporting competition.

Hosting Netball and Football Tournament


2016/17 Cost



2017/18 Allocation


· Dodgeball, continuing tradition of a different sport each year.

· Competitive sport, with rewards and prizes.

· KS1 and KS2 separate tournaments, but combine to create winning teams.

· Teams picked randomly to ensure fair and even teams, with friendships distributed.

· Annual football/netball tournament for local schools to attend.

· 48 Children across KS2 and all KS1 children took part in the Warcop Cup this year. Introducing children to competitive sport in a friendly environment.

· Team names based on countries.

· Great to host other local schools, giving children cross-school competitive experience.





To continue running the Warcop Cup, with a new sport.

Outdoor Equipment


2016/17 Cost



2017/18 Allocation


· We previously bought 2 pieces of outdoor gym equipment, which the children love to use. With a lottery grant and a supplement from sports funding we bought enough for 15 children to go on at once.

· This has been great for getting children active at play times and lunch times.

· Also it could be used for class aerobic sessions.




To invest in a new running track for the school.

To use the equipment and develop a system for tracking how much children use it.


Equipment Updates and Other Miscellaneous items.


2016/17 Cost



2017/18 Allocation


· Use of the New Village Hall, costing for each time we use it.

· Circus skills workshops.



-To use equipment bought more widely across the curriculum, especially now we have use of the New Village Hall across the winter ‘indoor’ season.

-To update logging system and ensure kit is being returned.

-Have a regularly booked slot with the village hall for classes to use, for different sports including badminton.

-Look at the purchase of 2 badminton nets with easy assembly for use in village hall.


Impact Statements

  • 80% of Staff said confidence had improved as a direct result of receiving good quality CPD. Impacting on PE teaching across the school. 80% ask for more CPD training, to help improve lessons further.
  • Trailed Athletics Assessment in 2015/2016 had a positive impact across the school according to teachers. 100% of teachers would like to invest in more specific assessments as it help focus staff and children on achieving goals. Giving something to drive towards. Staff believed it had a direct impact positively on children's motivation in PE.
  • 85% of Children took part in the Warcop Cup, 100% enjoying the competition for different reasons. (Top 3, Fair/Mixed ability teams - 29%, Competitive - 19% and Being active/taking par -10%)
  • 74% of pupils have a positive view of PE in school, 24% have a neutral attitude, 1% have a negative attitude.
  • 93% of Children think the school is well equipped for PE. 8 children asked for archery equipment and 3 asked for a swimming pool.
  • 63% of children enjoy having professional coaches in school. 48% said it was more fun and 26% said they learnt more. 100% of staff think having coaches in is a good think for their own development however the timing of visits could be improved.
  • 78% of children think they have achieved in PE and 74% said that their teacher impacted on their learning.