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Warcop School Council 2016


Warcop's dedicated school council are made up of twelve individuals across the year groups. Voted by their school peers; they give their time to organising and managing fundraising events, within school, throughout the year. On a daily basis, the school council run a tuckshop at morning break on an agreed rota. Tuckshop, offers healthy snacks for 20p per day. Friday is treat day!

Monday - Brioche

Tuesday - Toast & Jam

Wednesday - Tropical Fruits

Thursday - Cheesy Crackers

Friday - Popcorn / Jaffa Cake

Yogurts and Raisins available throughout the week.


The School Council voted a 50/50 use of the Tuckshop funds would support local and worldwide charities and purchasing play equipment for school and souvenirs for each child on school trips. The School Council already support a girl in Tanzania; Jenifa Rajabu Saidi, who lives in Bagamoyo. She is supported by ActionAid to receive a better education where she lives. Previous School Councils have sent her a letter and pictures they had drawn. The group have also sent out a box of second hand books to a school in Cambodia.


The current School Council are using a Tidy Friday project to help with litter issues in the school grounds. A member heads a group of volunteers, who spend 15mins on a Friday to remove litter. Team points are awarded.


School Council have had meetings with the Governors  to discuss roles and responsibilities of both groups and how we can make Warcop C of E Primary School a better learning environment.




Sports Relief 2016 will be here Fri 18th March.

Sporty non uniform day and activities in the morning. £1 donation!

Red Nose Day 2015

Red Nose Day 2015 1
Red Nose Day 2015 2
Red Nose Day 2015 3
Red Nose Day 2015 4
Red Nose Day 2015 5

School Council hosted Red Nose Day 2015, with the idea for a non uniformed 'wear red' theme; along with the sale of cakes during morning break. 90 red noses were also sold the previous week. A total of £225 was raised for this charity.

Many thanks to all for your great support.