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Balanced Arguments 2015

Balanced Arguments 


During the Autumn term Class 4 focused on writing 'Balanced Argument' pieces.  First of all we focused on writing a supported pieces about 'Zoos - Should zoos exist in the modern world?'  The picture gallery below shows some of the areas we studied to support  us in writing our balanced arguments.



We then moved on to write our own balanced arguments pieces, focusing on 'Should horse racing be banned in the UK?'  We walked around the classroom reading the various pieces of information - the blue speech bubbles were statements, and the red speech bubbles were supporting evidence.  We read each of the statements and decided whether it was positive or negative, then found a piece of supporting evidence to match up with it.  Following on from this we used what we'd learnt to help us plan and write our argument pieces - have a read of them below.