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Class 4


Welcome to Class 4's homepage, we look forward to filling this page will all of the exciting things we are doing in class.  Watch this space!

We enjoyed a Caribbean experience day in Class 4! Sandy (Torrin’s Mum) came in and taught the class how to make Caribbean chicken skewers with a salsa dressing. Each child got a portion of this delicious dish to have at home.  Thank you Sandy for preparing everything! The class also enjoyed tasting Caribbean foods, limboing, playing a steel pan drum, watching a Caribbean carnival, look at celebrities from the island and dreaming of holidaying there, by looking at travel brochures. 


Our English unit this half term is focusing on ‘Balanced Arguments’.  The children engaged in some debates to start the topic off, discussing questions such as ‘Are cats better than dogs?’; ‘Are Premier League footballers paid too much? Etc. Each child in the class had to choose whether they were an opposer or a proposer of the idea, following this they had to speak for 1 minute each sharing their viewpoint - class 4 found this quite challenging! 

Design Technology

Science- We have been looking at inherited and acquired characteristics in Science this week ☺️

We have been making models to help explain how the sun, earth and moon move in relation to each other.

Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000!

In English we are writing crime stories, we are following the steps for a good crime story, as outlined by Robin Stevens. Watch the video below to find out more!

Reading Robin Steven's Murder Most Unladylike series can feel like trying to put a jigsaw together. In the video, Robin shares how she plans her books and breaks it down so young writers can try to. Every mystery story needs six key ingredients: 1. Setting 2. Victim 3. Crime 4.

Working together in maths to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000!

W/B 25.09. 23 This week in Geography we enjoyed holding group discussions about water pollution in rivers. We had different roles within the groups and enjoyed the responsibility.

Raging Rivers. As part of our topic we have been learning the parts of a river, scan the QR code to test your knowledge.