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At Warcop C of E Primary School we used a variety of stage books from various reading schemes.  This is to provide the children with plenty of choice and engagement with books of different types.  In Key Stage One all pupils will have stage reading books (one for school and one for home) these will be changed on a weekly basis and each child will be heard reading, by an adult, at least twice a week (one of these being during a guided reading session).  The stage a child is reading at will be determined by the teacher, and the suitability of their stage will be evaluated at least once a half term. 



At the beginning of Key Stage Two many children will still have a staged book.  Once they have completed the final stage, their suitability to be a ‘Free Reader’ will be assessed.  Children who are ‘Free Readers’ are allowed to choose any suitable reading material of their own (often from the Library Van or the school library).  Although children will make their own reading choices, staff will make sure their choices are a suitable challenge for their ability and age.  In Key Stage Two children will be heard read at least once a week, during their guided reading session.  If a child has been identified as need extra support with reading, they will be heard read on a more regular basis and will be encouraged to have a stage book.