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Mr Burrell

Using our right angle finders to find right angles around school. Right on!

Investigating Water Pollution and Plastic clear up around school. We discovered that have very healthy looking rivers!

Topic - Nurses. Class 2 have been acting out roles plays about the life of ww1 nurse Edith Cavell.

Topic - Extreme Earth: Class 2 were visited by Stephen from Celed Rocks, who brought with him an amazing collection of rare rocks and minerals, and showed the children how volcanoes worked with some exciting models.

Science - Reflections: Class 2 investigated mirrors, by trying to walk along a wiggly line on the floor while looking at its reflection.

Topic - Extreme Earth: Class 2 created models of Earth, to show the layers beneath their feet.

Story time with author Fay Evans!

A fun filled, chilled afternoon in the forest!

Roman Baths - Class 2 learned about Roman bathhouses before constructing their own models using Lego - which were then combined into one super bath complex!

Examining Roman Artefacts - Class 2 investigated the artefacts and explored their origin before presenting to the class in pairs.

Hadrian's Wall - Fact Hunt!

Science - Forces: Class 2 were tasked with sorting through 'junk' material using magnets, investigate which materials they were able to separate and make predictions why.

Class 2 were very happy to be back in the forest for Forest School this week!

Forces - Class 2 learned about forces being a 'pull, push or twist', then created live action forces diagrams and explored forces in the play equipment.

Romans Topic - Class 2 built models of Roman roads in the Nature Area

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - making treasure from trash. Class 2 have been learning about the environment in Science, and how to care for it.

Wheelchair Basketball - really enjoyed by all of Class 2!

World Book Day - Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the witches! Class 2 explored the character of the witch villain and created cauldrons of their own.

Class 2 love Forest School!

Zoolab came to visit - Class 2 really enjoyed themselves!

As part of Topic, we have been building Tudor houses. They look fantastic!

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