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Rogation Service at Musgrave Church

Drawing daffodils with Reception

“I could really tell they had practiced a lot for their parts in Matilda, the lasers were incredible,” Jessica. 

“The beefeaters we’re so kind and really funny.” Abbie. 

“On day three in London we went to Trafalgar Square and we saw Napoleon’s column. We also saw statues of horses, if a horse had one leg off the ground it died of natural causes but if it had two legs off the ground it died in battle. “ Allegra. 

“The Tower of London was amazing to see everything, including a mini changing of the guards. The Tower of London was a prison and Anne Boleyn was beheaded there, a long time ago.” Jessie. 

A wonderful trip to Amazonia to learn about Rainforests

Learning to play brass instruments

End of term celebrations - Boogie Woogie Angels and party!

Harry Potter problem solving at Maths Club

Fantastic natural art with Class 1

Another success for our wonderful rugby team- joint gold medalists!

Running club has started again.

House team marathon challenge