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Mrs Farmer 2017-2018

Welcome to Class 2!

Outdoor learning in the Cumbrian sunshine

Rock workshop and exploding volcanoes!

Creating our values blanket with felt

Discovery Museum and 'The Jungle Book'

Viking Day

An amazing day was had by all on Thursday for our mini curriculum day. Class 1 and 2 were hurled into Viking times with a mighty roar  when a Viking raided the classroom! We were taken into Class 2, which has been transformed into a Viking longhouse, equipped with battle armour, weapons, shields, furs and all sorts of artefacts from Viking life. We learned all about Viking daily life; fire-making; Gods and Goddesses; traditional games and Viking funerals. We heard some wonderful stories passed down through the ages; acted out by some brave volunteers from Class 1 & 2. Well done to both classes who behaved so fabulously (not at all like Vikings!) and who participated so enthusiastically! 

Science Enquiry Day


On Monday the whole school explored the enquiry question: Which bag is best? In light of
 the national and local interest in cutting down on the use of plastics for environmental reasons, we decided to link our science enquiry to 'recycle, reuse, reduce'. We contacted The Herald, who will be running articles to highlight what is being done in the area to tackle the issue. A picture will be placed in The Herald soon and we are hoping to share  our results and findings with Plastic Free Cumbria. 


Every class chose how to answer the enquiry question using different methods and resources. Class 2 decided to focus on which bag was the strongest. We tested several materials using weights; the strongest bag was the non-woven reusable bag (which could hold 65kg!) and the weakest was the plastic 5p supermarket bag. We created bar graphs to show our results and made posters to encourage shoppers to choose reusable shopping bags to reduce the number of plastic bags purchased. 

Meg Fynn dance coach - Viking style!

Below you can find each child's book in a box presentation including pictures and a short description. Their book in a box will be displayed in the library for one week as inspiration for the class. Well done to all the children who have put so much time and effort into their project! 

Trip to Bowes Museum 

Wow! What a fabulous day class 2 had on the whole school trip to Bowes Museum. We started the day off with a study of sun flowers and poppies then created our own flower artwork using different materials. Class 2 created some beautiful pieces; we have put these on display outside our classroom now. 

During lunch break we were luck enough to have some dry weather which meant we could play outside on the equipment and we took full advantage of the piles of Autumnal leaves (burying Mrs Gething). After lunch each group took part in a treasure hunt around the museum; the children loved this challenge! 

Just before setting off for school we watched the beautiful mechanical swan move; the children were captivated! A great day had by all and as always the children did the school proud with their exemplary behaviour and manners.